Maximizing Your Personal Potential with Youth At Risk


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Academic Achievement & School Leadership


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Anthony Outler, Ed. S., Epic Empowerment Enterprises, Atlanta, GA

Anthony E. Outler characterizes himself as a ‘change agent’ and 'social justice educator' whose life’s purpose is to use his many talents to educate, uplift, and inspire youth and the adults who serve them to actualize the greatness invested within them. Anthony has been afforded a wealth of knowledge and experience from his formal education, as well as his 13+ years of grassroots experience in education, mentorship, and school administration. He has a BS in Middle Childhood Education, an MS in Urban Teacher Leadership, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Educational Policy Studies at Georgia State University. His research interests are urban education, culturally responsive pedagogy, and popular culture. He is the co-founder of B.E.S.T Men, Inc. which is a youth development organization that seeks to develop leadership, character, and critical awareness in young men. This organization falls under the auspices of his educational consulting company--Epic Empowerment Enterprises.

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Grassroots programs, Education, Mentorship, School administration, Urban education, Culturally responsive pedagogy, Popular culture, Youth development, Youth leadership, Youth character, Critical awareness

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3-7-2016 3:00 PM

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3-7-2016 4:15 PM

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Mar 7th, 3:00 PM Mar 7th, 4:15 PM

Maximizing Your Personal Potential with Youth At Risk

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Featured Speaker session.