Gang Signs and Solutions: Addressing Gang Activity in Our Schools


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Daryl Macaluso, Gang Identification Specialist & Police Sergeant, Durham Police Department, Durham, NC

Daryl Macaluso is a native of Baychester Housing Projects in the Bronx, New York. He is 15 year veteran of Durham Police Department. He Currently Supervisors a Patrol Unit and is and Police Academy Instructor. Daryl has spent 4 years as an School Resource Officer in middle and high school, and 6 years supervising the Gang Resistance Education and Training Unit and the Violent Incident Response Team. He also was an instructor for the North Carolina Military Academy (Fort Bragg NC). Daryl is certified as a "Gang Identification Specialist" with the National Gang Crime Research Center (Chicago IL.). He presents gang awareness/intervention training sessions for Law enforcement agencies, School districts, and Youth groups nationwide. He was featured in the North Carolina Justice Academy's state mandated law enforcement training on gangs and presents regularly for national organizations and associations. He has served as the Southeastern Representative for the International Latino Gang Investigators Association and is an associated with of the following associations; National Gang Investigators Association; member of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association; member of the National School Resource Officer Association; D.A.R.E. International; and a member of the North Carolina Gang Investigators Association.

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Gang identification, Gang signs, School climate

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3-8-2016 8:30 AM

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3-8-2016 9:45 AM

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Gang Signs and Solutions: Addressing Gang Activity in Our Schools

Ballroom A

Featured Speaker session.