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The editorial team at NYAR has made the decision to temporarily suspend submissions. This pause in the submission process is part of our commitment to enhancing the journal's focus to better serve the community.

Manuscripts currently under review, if accepted for publication, will be featured in our next issue, scheduled for publication in late 2023. During this suspension period, the editorial team will be working diligently to reconfigure the focus of the journal from a peer-reviewed research-focus to a peer-reviewed practitioner-focused journal that will also act as a companion to the NYAR conference.

Please note that this suspension is temporary, and we anticipate unveiling the reconfigured journal and reopening submissions in the Spring of 2024.

Thank you for your understanding, support and your dedication to empowering our youth.

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Individuals are welcome to contact journal editor (nyarjournal@georgiasouthern.edu) with any questions about the submission process or to seek feedback on a submission idea (1-2 paragraphs maximum).

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Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2023)

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Youth Ambassadors Reaching Out (YARO): Lessons learned from the implementation of a youth-based cancer education program
Khaliah Fleming, Siddhartha Roy, Steven K. Sutton, Edward Seijo, Vani Simmons, Clement K. Gwede, and Cathy D. Meade