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Submissions from 2003

Effects of T’ai Chi Exercise on Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Health-Related Quality of Life, Helen M. Taggart, C. L. Arslanian, K. Singh, and S. Bae

Submissions from 2000

Creating an Effective Poster Presentation, Helen M. Taggart

Taking the Mystery Out of Research: Statistical Packages, Helen M. Taggart

Case Management Model for a Community Based Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, Helen M. Taggart, M. Park, J. Banner, and M. Hart

Submissions from 1999

Caring for the Elderly Hip Fracture Patient, Helen M. Taggart


Using Research in Practice: Research Abstracts, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1998

Orthopaedic Cursing Research Priorities: A Replication and Extension, C. Sedlak, D. Ross, C. Arslanian, and Helen M. Taggart

Multiple Sclerosis Update, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1997

Taking the Mystery out of Research: Reliability, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1996

Taking the Mystery Out of Research: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Helen M. Taggart