Mathematics of Monopoly

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Fall 2002

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Texas Mathematics Teacher




These activities illustrate a number of areas of mathematical content from the setting of the popular board game Monopoly by Parker Brothers (Hasbro). Topics in this article focus mainly on probability and statistics. However, additional activities can easily extend the content to include series and limits for advanced students. Student centered approaches, encouraged by researchers and professional organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000) include exploration, formula application, and pattern observation.

The topics are explored by examining activity sheets with a series of questions. Groups of four students should complete activities during class time; however, the content explored is rich enough to be a unit project or an entry in a math fair competition. Solutions can be examined using multiple methods such as: exploration, application of formulas, and observation of patterns in tables and charts created with the use of technology. The lessons can be adapted to a wide range of grade and ability levels.