Co3O4/Carbon Nano-Onions Composite as Supercapacitor Electrode and Its Excellent Electrochemical Performance

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International Journal of Materials Research


An ionic liquid derived Co3O4/carbon nano-onions composite has been prepared by carbothermal reduction followed by oxidation. The introduction of carbon nano-onions improves the conductivity and structural stability of Co3O4 electrode material. Electrochemical measurements indicate that the redox reversibility is significantly improved. The Co3O4/carbon nano-onions composite shows a large specific capacitance of 402.35 F g–1 at a current density of 0.5 A g–1. After 9000 cycles, the specific capacitance retention remained 76% at 1 A g–1. The as-prepared Co3O4/carbon nano-onions composite delivers superior capacitive performance with good rate capability, large specific capacitance, and excellent cyclic performance, showing great application potential for high-performance electrochemical supercapacitors. Read More: https://www.hanser-elibrary.com/doi/abs/10.3139/146.111682

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