Supplementing the Learning Management System: Using Web 2.0 for Collaboration, Communication, and Productivity in the Preparation of School Technology Leaders

Stephanie A. Jones, Georgia Southern University
Lucilia Green, Georgia Southern University
Charles B. Hodges, Georgia Southern University
Kathryn Kennedy
Elizabeth Downs, Georgia Southern University
Judi Repman
Kenneth F. Clark


This chapter describes how and why Web 2.0 tools are being used in a completely online M.Ed. program in Instructional Technology. Examples of specific tools and their implementation are provided along with the theoretical or pragmatic bases for their use. McGee and Diaz’s (2007) categories for Web 2.0 tools, documentative, communicative, generative, interactive, and collaborative, are used to structure the examples. A description of the evolution of the M.Ed. program and reasons for supplementing learning management systems with Web 2.0 tools establishes the context of the discussion.