Volume 5, Number 4 (2016)

Literature Review


Georgia’s Rural Hospital Closures: The Common-Good Approach to Ethical Decision-Making
Randi G. Bastian, Marcus Garner, John S. Barron, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, and William A. Mase

Invited Editorial

Needs Assessments


Leveraging University-Community Partnerships in Rural Georgia: A Community Health Needs Assessment Template for Hospitals
Ayanna Robinson, Sabrina T. Cherry, Michelle Elliott, Marsha Davis, and Grace Bagwell


Engaging Rural Georgians in Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-Mandated Community Health Needs Assessments
Raymona H. Lawrence, Dziyana Nazaruk, Marie Denis-Luque, and Stuart Tedders

Population Science


Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors Associated With HPV Vaccination in Georgia’s South Central Health District
Sydney Ekeledo, Candace Best, Stephanie Norman, Jodi Bazemore, and Jessica Smith Schwind


Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cancers in Georgia, 2008-2012
Irene Solomon, Chrissy McNamara, and A. Rana Bayakly

Public Health Practice

Qualitative Research


Guest Editor
Selina A. Smith, PhD, MDiv, Georgia Regents University
Founding Editor
McKinley Thomas, EdD, Mercer University