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The domain name system (DNS) is an Internet-wide distributed database of names primarily associated with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. It is also a tool for locating services since many services are known by their domain name. For example, the hostname "www" has come to be well known as the name of a system which provides web (HTTP) service, and the domain name "www.georgiasouthern.edu" is thus known as the primary web server address for Georgia Southern University.

A formal policy regarding domain names is necessary because:

  1. Individual departments and units within the University need to offer and communicate new or unique services to the Internet.
  2. Representation of the University in cyberspace must appear authentic to network users.
  3. Central administration of domain names ensures that domains do not unexpectedly expire, or that domains of interest are not lost to the public.
  4. There are an increasing number of requests for domain names.
  5. There have been requests for ITS to register domain names outside the georgiasouthern.edu domain.
  6. Persons have independently created domains for University-affiliated purposes.

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Vice President of Information Technology