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Nursing (BSN)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Rose Mary Gee


Anxiety is a concept very familiar to many university students. This especially applies to students who have decided to major in nursing. With the knowledge and experiences that accompany attending nursing school, come a series of rigorous, high-stakes exams. Nationwide, many students share a common struggle to be successful on these exams, which often leads to a sense of anxiety that becomes associated with one's experience during testing, known as test anxiety. A study across multiple baccalaureate nursing school cohorts was completed to determine a correlation between the various methods used by nursing students to prepare for an exam and their self-perceived levels of test anxiety while testing. The study also explored the emotions of various nursing students prior to their exam. It was hypothesized that students that begin preparing for exams more than a week before the date of the exam will have reduced feelings of test anxiety. The results of the survey administered to the various cohorts demonstrate a connection between not only the study habits of the nursing students and their perceived levels of anxiety during their exams, but also on their emotional state going into their exam, another influencing factor upon exam anxiety.

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