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Recreation (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Thomas Sweeney


This study examines the social media perceptions and guest satisfaction rates concerning recent changes related to the introduction of the Genie+ system in the Walt Disney World theme parks. Social media has allowed the public to share these opinions about changes in the Walt Disney World theme parks, but it is not known how these opinions compare to the lived guest experience. It is said that with the introduction of a paid standby queue bypass system the Walt Disney Company is making that aspect of its parks less accessible than in the past (Austin, 2022). This study uses a mixed methods approach of qualitative and quantitative questions including a Likert-type scale, to measure participants’ satisfaction rates and opinions against the Genie+ system’s perceptions via social media comments. The data has shown that social media is significantly more negative than the guests' experience rates found in the survey