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Writing & Linguistics (B.A.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Laura Valeri


Shrouded in a black cloak and mystery, Charon has silently performed life's most important job since the dawn of time. The primordial deity ferries mortal souls across the River Styx to spend an afterlife in one of the three kingdoms of Hades for the price of two oboloi. With his eternal duty, Charon has heard the stories of countless mortals leaving behind lives that he could never live. With passengers hailing from all corners of Greece, and all walks of life, no two stories are the same. With the Peloponnesian war raging, the ancient mariner finds his boat at full capacity with a unique group, including a young priestess with an affinity for the afterlife. While onboard Charon's boat, the eight souls regale their life stories. No matter the tale, the primordial ferryman listens on in silence, save for the slice of his oar through water and the soft clinking of his silver coins.