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Management (BBA)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Trey Denton


Alternative breaks are intensive service experiences that allow students to address social issues while impacting the communities they serve. This thesis examines Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break Program in depth, specifically the participant selection process. Seven alternative break coordinators of programs across the United States were interviewed in order to evaluate the various participant selection processes used and to determine the main characteristics that these programs seek in participants and site leaders. Through this analysis, it was determined that programs look for site leaders who are flexible, passionate, and responsible. The research also revealed that coordinators look for participants who are eager to learn and who are committed to the service. It was determined that the participant selection process varies with each program and depends on the size of the program, the financial support the program receives, and the leadership of the program. The analysis concludes with recommendation of new protocols for Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break Program drawn from best practices at other institutions.