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Art 2D Studio (BFA)

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Thesis (open access)

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Professor Patricia Carter


Southern Steam Prints, a steamroller printmaking festival for Georgia Southern University I directed and organized. The project helped create community involvement in printmaking as an art form, gained notoriety for the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art and especially the Print, Paper, and Book Arts Program. The project taught valuable skill mastery in relief print techniques, commercialism, and leadership for the kinds of event that artists plan, jury, and participate in, in the professional world. The Southern Steam Prints festival took place on April 23, 2016. Artworks created at the event were exhibited at the Center of Art and Theater on campus during May of 2016. In addition, I wrote “The Southern Steam Print Manual” for other universities and organizations to utilize my research in creating large scale prints events. The project will continue as a key event for the Paper, Print, and Book Arts program at Georgia Southern.