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History (B.A.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Dr. Craig Roell


Edward Bernays, an Austrian born Jew and nephew to Sigmund Freud, paved the way for modern public relations to become an inseparable aspect of our lives. Through his work with the Committee on Public Information during World War One, Bernays honed his craft and brought his expertise to the private sector. His work influenced unimaginable parts of our history, including the American breakfast, Women’s “decision” to smoke, the overthrow of the Guatemalan government, and the rise of Nazi Germany. Bernays use of his uncle’s theories on psychoanalysis of the human mind, drove Bernays to success. At the end of his one hundred and three year life, Edward Bernays is the undisputed “father of public relations.” Any idea or product that is vying for your attention in the consumer market we live in, is using the methods that Bernays developed.