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Civil Engineering (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Junsuk Kang


The purpose of this project is to develop a toolkit for the design and construction of bridges using prefabricated materials primarily to reduce the closure time and on-site construction time of newly constructed bridges or bridges undergoing renovation. The research focuses specifically on short span bridges in Georgia (40,60,80, and 120ft spans).

Areas of primary concern for this project were design, constructability, structural analysis, the use of concrete and steel girders, cost efficiency, and industry surveys. In this particular portion of the study, the surveys proved to be most effective when combined with information obtained existing research as well as published project reports by contractors and DOTs. The surveys were created by the research team and included questions regarding the engineering entity’s experience with ABC, the level of acceptance of ABC techniques in their state, the number of completed projects in recent years, impediments to the use of ABC techniques, and the ongoing research on ABC topics in the entity’s state.

Constructability issues were given special attention, as they proved to be a major impediment to the use of ABC by other entity’s which remain reluctant. Lack of general experience also played a major role. The Georgia DOT seeks to employ ABC techniques in the future, so this project will help identify what is needed to begin designing projects that utilize ABC, what further research needs to be conducted, and which design details need more attention.