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International Studies (B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Darin Van Tassell


This research elaborates on the connection between governmental policies for population control and the psychological effects felt by its citizens. Governments enact laws to form and shape their country, but when plans to benefit society as a whole overspill into the personal rights of families, there can be unforeseen consequences that span across cultural, economic and physiological wellbeing. These side effects can have debilitating outcomes for countless generations to come, even after the policy has been abolished. In an age where exponential population growth is a severe problem, this study attempts to understand what happens when governmental policies influence the decision of family size.. By using the case study of the historic Declaration of 1966 to increase population in Romania and the case study of present day attempts to limit population in China, this paper correlates the reasons behind their development and their long term consequences, ultimately reaching a conclusion regarding the balance of benefits versus consequences caused by these measures. In a crowded world where more of these policies are likely to be introduced, this research seeks to educate better in hopes that people will understand the implications of such policies.