A New Journal: Journal of Jesuit Interdisciplinary Studies

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Jesuit history is a wonderful prism through which to look at many interdisciplinary aspects of modern global history. The very best thing about Jesuit history is that it intersects with so many other important topics from the Renaissance and Reformations to the Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, Colonialism, and so forth. It also engages with a staggering array of disciplines: art history, theology, literary studies, the history of science, international law, military history, performing arts, and many others. Because scholarship on Jesuit history has recently become too abundant to be easily encompassed, JJIS aims at helping scholars in being better oriented in this rapidly growing field of studies. On the other hand, JJIS will target those areas of scholarship on Jesuit history in its broader context that have been lamentably neglected. This roundtable will discuss the role of the JJIS in promoting Jesuit studies.


Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC)


Cincinnati, OH