Eighteenth-Century Thought, 5

Eighteenth-Century Thought, 5


Georgia Southern University faculty member Jeffrey D. Burson edited Eighteenth-Century Thought.



Book Summary: Eighteenth-Century Thought is aninternational, interdisciplinary annual founded for the purpose of advancing the study of the long eighteenth century from c. 1650 to the end of the Atlantic and European Revolutionary Era (c. 1750–1850). The annual publishes research pertinent to the fields of Revolutionary Europe, the history of the Atlantic world, the Enlightenment, the globalization of thought and culture between c. 1650–1850, the history of political thought and philosophy, eighteenth-century cultural and literary studies, history of science, legal history, the intersection of Enlightenment and religion, as well as economic thought and the human sciences as they were conceived and pursued from the middle seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century.

Eighteenth-Century Thought is a refereed, peer-reviewed journal. All submissions are subject to editorial review and review by outside readers. The journal is abstracted and indexed in Book Review Index,International Political Science Abstracts, The Philosopher’s Index, Religion Index One, Sociological Abstracts, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index, and Index to Legal Periodicals.

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Eighteenth-Century Thought, 5
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