Department Chair: Gerald Ledlow

The mission of the Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) degree – Public Health Leadership program concentration is to develop with appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities, public health leaders. The curriculum is focused on providing leadership training and experiences in the public health community. The goal of the Public Health Leadership Program is to prepare leaders adept at complex problem solving, efficient utilization of resources, analyzing health needs in the community, policy development and implementation and partnership building. Upon completing this program, students will be prepared to assume a wide array of advanced leadership roles throughout public health to improve the health of communities, reduce health disparities, develop the health and public health infrastructure, and serve diverse populations.

The mission of the Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) degree is to develop leaders who possess the values, knowledge, and skills to manage optimal delivery of healthcare.

The mission of the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree – Health Policy and Management program concentration is to prepare competent administrators who can provide leadership in the development of policy and in the management of public health organizations and programs.

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