Department Chair: Jim McMillan

The mission of the School of Health and Kinesiology is to provide action steps which will lead the School towards the Vision. This will be accomplished by:

Preserving, creating, evaluating and transmitting knowledge. Applying theory through hands on experiences.

Provide support to the mission of the College and University. Providing intrusive advisement to students within the School.

Providing opportunities for students centered research and learning initiatives.

Emphasizing the importance of faculty research collaboration.

Offering state of the art laboratory and research facilities.

Providing comprehensive and rigorous curriculum.

Providing access to and education for the use of emerging technology.

Encouraging creative approaches to reach educational goals.

Providing resources and guidance for grant writing, research and scholarly writing.

Marketing faculty expertise. Respecting the diversity of thought, expression and being.

Making students the priority in decisions that benefit their education.

Providing opportunities for student faculty interaction.

Providing opportunities for outstanding student achievement.

Providing community service which focuses on the science and practice of health and kinesiology.

Providing the opportunity for students to tailor their program of study to meet specific interests.

Establishing and maintaining relationships with local, national, and international partners.


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