Virtual Interprofessional Learning with Multiple Health Professions Students

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Interprofessional teams are essential not only to improve health outcomes, but also to reduce the costs of care. However, providing interprofessional collaborative learning experiences with multiple healthcare majors is a major task. Logistical challenges, from diverse accreditation requirements, laboratory hours, 24-hour clinical shifts, and even healthcare cases all students can relate to must be addressed. Our university developed a virtual Grand Rounds learning experience that involved nearly 300 students from nine different health professions. Quantitative, as well as qualitative, data revealed significant learning outcomes. Essential teaching components, as well as proposed adjustments, will be shared and discussed.

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Georgia Southern University faculty members, Janet R. Buelow, Myka Bussey-Campbell, Amy Frazier, Christine J. Moore, Bobbie J. Newell, Steven Patterson, and Helen M. Taggert co-presented Virtual Interprofessional Learning with Multiple Health Professions Students in the SoTL Commons Conference, February 2022.


SoTL Commons Conference


Statesboro, GA