Conference Dates: December 8-9, 2022
Conference Location: Georgia State University
Submissions Open: May 2, 2022

Follow these links to register for and learn more about the 2022 GAPBS Virtual Conference.

Submit a Proposal to GAPBS Conference

Submit Proposal

1. Click Submit Proposal.
2. Create a Digital Commons Account. You’ll be sent an account confirmation email shortly after creating your account. If you do not receive this email, please look for it in your spam folder. If you can’t find it there, contact for assistance. Please provide your name and the email address under which the account was created.
3. Fill in the proposal form and click on Submit.

If you experience difficulty logging in after following Step 2 of the above instructions, you can contact for a Word version of the proposal submission form.

The submission form will time out if open for too long. Please prepare your proposal in a separate document and then submit all content at one time.

You will receive confirmation of your submission. Your proposal will be reviewed and a decision letter will follow.

Sending Presentation Materials for GAPBS Conference to Digital Commons for Upload

Please submit your materials to and they will post within three business days.

E-mail Presentation Materials

Why Submit Your Presentation? More exposure for your work! Presentations are searchable through Google, and you will receive reports showing how many people have downloaded your presentation. You can also apply a Creative Commons License to your presentation, which controls how people can use your presentation materials.

What can you upload? PowerPoint Slides, papers, handouts, video, audio, and any other documents you used during your presentation.

Need Help? Email for help on submitting proposals and presentations. If you have questions about the conference (ex. registration), please visit the Conference Homepage for further information including contact numbers and emails.

Additional Instructions for Screen Reader Users

The Readership Activity Map feature further down the page presents a real time interactive world map with pins indicating where documents from our collection have been downloaded recently. Begin reading after the Zoom buttons to find additional real time statistics.

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