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Panel (1 hour and 15 minutes presentation total for two or more presenters)

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This presentation will illustrate how to gather and correctly interpret assessment data with a card sort exercise in order to create a user-centered website that can effectively support information literacy initiatives, whether for a library website or for any educational website. The presenters will explain different types of card sort exercises, describe how they executed a card sort exercise, how they collected and analyzed the data, and discuss the results. In addition, the presenters will share lessons learned, such as what worked well, what went wrong, and what they would do differently for future card sort exercises and web site assessment projects.


Information literacy, Information architecture, Cart sort exercise, Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University consolidation, Medical College of Georgia, Reese Library, Greenblatt Library

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Presentation (Open Access)


Aug 23rd, 1:15 PM Aug 23rd, 2:30 PM

Information Literacy/Information Architecture: Lessons Learned From a Card Sort Exercise


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