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Information Literacy through the Lens of the Student Experience


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Higher Education


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Since 2008, as part of our ongoing national study at Project Information Literacy (PIL), we have surveyed more than 11,000 students at over 50 colleges and universities in the US. We have investigated how college students say they find information and conduct research — their needs, strategies, and workarounds — for solving information problems that occur during course-related research and in their everyday lives. We have found the large majority of students we have studied across all types of higher-education institutions still attend college to learn, but many are lost in a thicket of information overload. They struggle with managing the IT devices that permeate their lives. Our findings indicate that nearly all students intentionally use a small compass for navigating the ever-widening and complex information landscape they inhabit. Key-takeaways are presented from the PIL studies, including a discussion of their implications for teaching, learning, work, and community in the 21st century.


Project Information Literacy, Information search, Research process, Information overload, Information technology devices

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Information Literacy through the Lens of the Student Experience

Ballroom A-C

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