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Discover how the Holgate Library at Bennett College adapted and expanded the University of California Libraries’ online Begin Research tutorial to deliver information literacy instruction to diverse learners in diverse instructional settings, including lower- and upper-division courses, on-site and distance courses, with or without face-to-face instruction, and as a precursor to “flipped instruction.” Learn how we adapted this tutorial to align with our brand, collection, and policies, as well as how we expanded the tutorial to include an optional workbook and embedded quizzes for summative assessment. As a group, we will consider the content of the tutorial and workbook, the customization process (including its relative ease compared to starting from scratch), instructional applications, assessment and outcomes, and prospects for further adaptation and use.


General education, Research seminar, Library instruction, Information literacy, "Begin Research" tutorial, "Pathfinder" tutorial

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Aug 23rd, 4:15 PM Aug 23rd, 5:30 PM

One Tutorial, Many Purposes: Adapting the University of California's Begin Research Tutorial for Diverse Instructional Settings

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