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In 2007, a video game designer wrote about a trend he recognized among some of the biggest games being released: the rules of how a game was played and the actions a player was allowed to take often contradicted the story the game was trying to tell. He named this phenomenon “ludonarrative dissonance,” and the article which coined it was a catalyst for a new type of discussion in the gaming world, a scholarly “games criticism” field, similar to the more traditional field of literary criticism. In this presentation, we will discuss how looking for this dissonance applies to library instruction, making our rules and “play” fit more closely with the information literacy- centered student outcomes we seek to grow. Implications for instructional design, differentiated instruction, and evaluation will be discussed.


Library instruction, Game design, Instructional design, Play, Learning, Gamification, Role literature

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Library Instruction and Ludonarrative Dissonance: Making Our Rules Fit Our Narrative

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