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The growth of distance education and the increasing numbers of nontraditional students now learning in a web-based environment have motivated distance librarians to develop a variety of online tools to help students identify, access, evaluate and use information resources in the online learning environment. This presentation describes the development of a web-based learning module that guides students through the challenging process of researching and writing a graduate level literature review. The presenter discusses the use of LibGuides to create a self-paced instruction tool that is compatible with the theory of self-directed learning, allowing students to diagnose their own learning needs, examine multimedia tools and resources that address a variety of learning styles, select appropriate learning strategies, and evaluate learning outcomes.

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Sep 23rd, 10:15 AM Sep 23rd, 10:45 AM

Do-It-Yourself Information Literacy: Using LibGuides to Foster Self-Directed Learning at a Distance

Room 1005

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