Digital Storytelling and Information Literacy

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Using information effectively is a big part of information literacy, and using information effectively and for a specific purpose is what digital storytelling is all about. Digital storytelling teaches students how to combine various kinds of information (including data, words, and images) to motivate, educate, persuade and/or inform. Creating a digital story will also help students learn about some of the social issues related to information literacy and will help them understand the legal and ethical considerations of using images in their work and posting their work online. Most likely students will also have a lot of fun creating a digital story. This presentation will talk about some of the benefits of digital storytelling and will provide tips for creating a digital storytelling assignment.


Information literacy, Digital storytelling, Multimedia communication, Information literacy social issues, Information literacy legal issues, Ethics

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Oct 2nd, 10:15 AM Oct 2nd, 10:45 AM

Digital Storytelling and Information Literacy

Room 111

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