RefWorks as Pedagogy: Modeling Research As Scholarly Conversation

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Phyllis Mentzell Ryder and Bill Gillis incorporate RefWorks, the web-based bibliographic management tool, into the writing classroom. This faculty/librarian pair’s use of RefWorks encourages and promotes a sophisticated understanding of the research process and underscores critical pedagogical lessons that help students think about and use RefWorks as something more than a “bibliography generator.” By framing research rhetorically, students go beyond traditional research “skills” to engage their sources critically and put them in conversation with other sources, community organizations and documents, class readings, and their peers.


Bibliographic management tool, Writing and composition, Library-faculty collaboration, Research skills

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Oct 1st, 10:15 AM Oct 1st, 10:45 AM

RefWorks as Pedagogy: Modeling Research As Scholarly Conversation

Room 100

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