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Central to developing fluid competency in information literacy is engaging with it in a situated context. Rather than presenting searching, evaluating, and using skills in an abstract linear format, we present students with a provocative case study involving Dr. Leo and the editors of JAMA which compels them to simultaneously engage a number of information literacy competencies and skills from a variety of approaches and angles. Dr. Leo will begin the presentation with an overview of the JAMA study, his critique, the rejoinder by the JAMA editors, and some of the commentary the quarrel generated on blogs and news sites. Information literacy librarian Philip Smith will then discuss how this controversy can be used to promote active learning of many key information literacy concepts.


Teaching information literacy

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Oct 1st, 10:15 AM Oct 1st, 11:45 AM

Preventing Depression: Using Conflict-of-Interest in Evidence-Based Medicine to Teach Information Literacy

Room 1005

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