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A growing problem throughout the disciplines is plagiarism. The main reason for this increase stems to availability of information. The Internet has lead to greater accessibility, which has unfortunately created our dilemma. In combating this issue, we must first resist the urge to eliminate these assignments from our curriculum. The merit of writing and researching must not be undervalued. Continuing with our dedication to educational goals, we must then develop a method to address plagiarism. The first we should take departmentally or institutionally step to define what we mean by plagiarism, accidental or purposeful, and erect a guideline for punishment(s) that is implemented across the board. Plagiarism workshops for both educator and students will need to be mandatory to illustrate importance for students and to unify faculty. Literacy workshops to reveal the library/media center’s mode(s) of use should not be designated for a single type of class, such as English classes. Instead, all classes should have some instruction for library research. Furthermore, classes should utilize writing across the curriculum to create unique research topic, limiting the existence of essays on the assignment.


Plagiarism, Information literacy

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Stealing the Word: A Comprehensive Strategy to Address Plagiarism

Room 210

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