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In the fall of 2007 Washington State University Libraries introduced the Information Literacy Education (ILE) Project to deliver scalable information literacy (IL) instruction to both on campus and distance courses. Slated to become an open source product in the fall 2009 the ILE project has provided instruction to over 3700 students in four colleges in its first year. Utilizing ILE the total number of participants reached by the Instruction Department increased by nearly 20%. The ILE project is a flexible online learning environment which delivers information literacy instruction targeted to the needs of specific research assignments. Through the ILE project, librarians and course instructors collaborate to design an additional component to an existing research project that directly addresses the information literacy skills required to complete the project. This session will explore how ILE has been deployed across the colleges and partner programs, and reflect on the effect each has had on the efforts of the instruction department in reaching students. Descriptions of using ILE to deliver pre-one shot instruction and assessment components for subsequent instruction sessions will be examined. Examples of how ILE has been incorporated into existing programs will be discussed including our partnerships with the school of agriculture, where ILE has been incorporated into a phased research project using a blended method of instruction. Additionally, ILE projects within distance courses, and a 40+ section of Geology 101, which has approximately 600 students per semester will be examined. The session will also feature a brief demonstration of key aspects in the ILE environment including an assessment of the impact of various applications, a description of collaborative assignment design with teaching faculty as an inroad to further outreach and collaboration, and details on the use of ILE with partner programs.


Information literacy

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Sep 25th, 8:30 AM Sep 25th, 9:45 AM

Connecting the Dots, a Yearlong Lesson in Learning: Using Online Instruction to Connect Student Information Literacy Skills with Those Required to Complete Assignments.

Room 1002

See presentation description.