Type of Presentation

Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

Target Audience

Higher Education


Room 1002


See presentation description.

Presentation Description

The panel will present on North Georgia College & State University's (NGCSU) experience using of iSkills and SAILS, two standardized tests for the assessment of information literacy. The panel will provide an overview and background on the instruments and the NGCSU project, discuss the requirement for administering these tests, present results from 2-years of data collection, provide interpretations and explore responses to the data.


iSkills, SAILS, Information literacy, Standardized tests

Publication Type and Release Option

Presentation (Open Access)


Sep 25th, 1:30 PM Sep 25th, 2:45 PM

Using iSkills and SAILS to Assess Information Literacy: What Do We Know and What Do We Do Now?

Room 1002

See presentation description.