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Collaborating at a Distance

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Linda E. Kern
Cynthia L. Smith


Room 218

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Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

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Linda Kern, Assistant Professor and Head of Research and Instructional Services at the Trustee Library in Gainesville GA, and Cindy Smith, Adjunct Professor residing and teaching in Jupiter FL, have collaborated over three years to develop a model of asynchronous, online collaboration for the delivery of a three-credit online first year orientation and information literacy course targeting non-traditional students at Brenau University. Originally designed for on-ground instruction, the curriculum was adapted to online delivery (Blackboard) as students showed a preference for that mode. The course introduces the non-traditional student to academia by addressing cognitive and psychological topics including information literacy, learning styles, and management of stress, time, and family obligations, in a safe and nurturing environment. We examine the give and take of collaboration, the course development process, course structure, joint delivery of online content in an asynchronous environment, and collaborative assessment. Examples of content integration and delivery using the Blackboard course management system and LibGuides are provided. The primary assessment vehicle is a term paper on some aspect of adult education. Students explore an area of the course content while learning how to articulate an information need, then gather, evaluate, and use information from traditional library resources including databases in GALILEO, e-books, and the library catalog. Students report that the course content is valuable, and anticipate further academic success based on what they have learned. Input is sought via discussion with presentation participants to enhance the collaborative efforts of all involved.


Information literacy, Collaborating

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Sep 25th, 11:30 AM Sep 25th, 12:30 PM

Collaborating at a Distance

Room 218

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