Cracking the Case for Lifelong Learning

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Collaboration with faculty members at the University of Northern Colorado is a priority for UNC librarians. The most comprehensive collaboration is with the Criminal Justice Department. The Criminal Justice department requires all undergraduate and graduate students to complete a library research course as part of the curriculum. Undergraduates are immersed in an intensive research course during their first or second year and Graduate students in the first semester of a two year online program. Through hands-on activities and discussions, LIB 150: Introduction to Undergraduate Research and LIB 550: Library Research in Criminal Justice teach students how to focus a research topic, develop a research strategy, and effectively search in the library catalog and databases. The course also teaches skills in evaluating sources, citation management, avoiding plagiarism in the digital age, and explores the literature review process. The benefits of this collaboration are three-fold. Librarians can work one-on-one with learners immersing students in information literacy, which allows students to understand how they use research in everyday situations as well as being successful in a research intensive major like Criminal Justice. Faculty members are pleased with the improved quality of work coming from the use of scholarship on papers and projects. Finally, students gain confidence in their ability to understand their information needs both in and out of the classroom. Students are learning the essential information literacy skills needed be successful and confident students as well as prepared to achieve in the Criminal Justice System.


Information literacy, Library-faculty collaboration, Criminal justice, Library research course

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Cracking the Case for Lifelong Learning

Room 211

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