TLC: Much More Than Just Tender Loving Care

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TLC is more than you might think. Although tender loving care is an essential part of every child's life, there is more that is needed to run a highly effective and fun classroom. In the Time To Teach program, TLC provides a way for teachers to; Teach expectations, Look for performance (monitor), and Consequent behavior. The most unchallenged assumption in American schools is that most children are arriving knowing how to behave. We assert that many don’t! At the core of the nationally acclaimed Time To Teach! program is the strategy of REFOCUS, and it is unquestionably the most powerful solution to problem behavior ever developed for the classroom teacher. By effectively using REFOCUS the classroom teacher will have fewer disruptions to teaching, more Time To Teach and more energy and fun than ever before. You will learn that when behaviors are addressed early and consistently, without giving multiple requests and repeated warnings, your classroom will run smoother than you ever thought possible! Let us show you how to teach all of your students the skills they need to be successful learners BEFORE INSTRUCTION STARTS. . .and then watch the learning begin.


Information literacy, Classroom management, Academic success

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TLC: Much More Than Just Tender Loving Care

Room 1002

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