Web 2.0 in Undergraduate Research

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Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

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Higher Education


Room 218


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This presentation will describe a student research project that incorporates Web 2.0 technologies. Presenters will share their experiences using wikispaces, facebook, and delicious as collaboration tools for undergraduate research projects. Information sharing, and operating in what Wohndan Johnson-Eiola explains as "symbolic analytic" work-spaces requires researchers to meet and work online and from a distance. Both teachers and students of writng find themselves using Web 2.0 technologies; this presentation will describe a research project on multimodal compositions whereby the presenters highlight the communication tools used to work with each other as mentors and students.


Information literacy, Web 2.0 technologies, Undergraduate research, Collaboration tools, Information sharing, Multimodal compositions

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Presentation (Open Access)


Oct 3rd, 10:00 AM Oct 3rd, 11:15 AM

Web 2.0 in Undergraduate Research

Room 218

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