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Mrs. Gordon (Rosalyn Weiser, Class of 1943) lent a scrapbook highlighting Mr. Gordon's athletic career, giving the archivist permission to make photocopies of its contents before returning it to her. The scrapbook contained a letter from Dean J. Thomas Askew inviting Gordon to take exams for a tuition scholarship because of his excellent high school grades. The archivist also made copies of newspaper clippings (The Savannah Morning News, The Inkwell, 1938 and 1939) related to Gordon's years at Armstrong on the basketball and football teams. The collection contains photocopies of his Athletic Hall of Fame plaque dated 1998, as well as of the Armstrong Junior College first homecoming program, November, 1938. A photocopy of a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon.Artifacts in the collection are a gold Letterman's sweater and a 1974 Big "A" Club award of appreciation plaque.

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Basketball, Athletics, Savannah, Armstrong University



Scope of Collection

One folder, two artifact boxes.

1. Gold wool letterman's sweater with maroon letter, stripes on sleeves.

2. Big "A" Club plaque, 1974.

Photocopies from album:

3. Dean J. Thomas Askew letter to Robert Gordon, May 9, 1938.

4. Newspaper clippings 1938, 1939.

5. First Annual Homecoming program, November, 1938. (?) Was this in album?

6. Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon. _ _ _

7. Athletic Hall of Fame plaque, 1998.


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Robert Gordon, Class of 1940

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