Term of Award

Spring 1987

Degree Name

Master of Science

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Committee Chair

Richard L. Osburn

Committee Member 1

Sara Neville Bennett

Committee Member 2

Frank E. French


Various stages of spermatogenesis in pupal testes of the mosquito Eretmapodites quinquevittatus (Theobald) were determined by 2% 1acto-aceto-orcein and silver nitrate staining techniques. Temporal relationships of stages were demonstrated and behavior and appearance of meiotic chromosomes were described.

Pupal testes were most active meiotically for the first 12-14 hours after onset of pupation. The prepachytene stage of leptotene and a nucleolus were observed with the use of silver nitrate staining. Experimental observations demonstrated the first spermatids and visible mature sperm at 6-8 and 18 hours, respectively, after onset on pupation. E. quinquevittatus mean sperm size was reported (head = 50 μm long; flagellum = 200 μm long). These measurements closely compared to dimensions reported for Aedes aegypti (head = 40 μm long; flagellum = 270 μm long).


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