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Master of Science in Biology

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Biology

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James H. Oliver, Jr.

Committee Member 1

Bill Lovejoy

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W. Keith Hartberg


The reproductive anatomy and histology, spermatogenesis, chromosomes, mating behavior, and fertility and fecundity of Ixodes scapularis Say and interspecific crosses with a new species (Ixodes dammini , Spielman, pers. comm.) are reported. Morphology of the male and female reproductive tracts appears intermediate between those of Argasidae and Metastriata. Accessory glands of different species of ticks are compared and several differences are noted. There is nymphal initiation of spermatogenesis, and males are anhagic as adults. The 28 chromosomes are all cephalobrachial and sex determination is XX-XY. Males are reluctant to mate with females that are off hosts. Fecundity of I. scapularis appears higher than average for other Ixodes species. Attempts to hybridize I. scapularis and the new species were unsuccessful. Taxonomic status of the genus Ixodes is discussed in light of the findings of the present study.

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