Term of Award

Summer 1996

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Committee Chair

Daniel V. Hagan

Committee Member 1

Frank E. French

Committee Member 2

Oscar J. Pung


Collections of Culicoides spp. were made from Belize, Central America, during the period of 1960-70, using incandescent and black light traps. The 19 species identified from Belize were: C. barbosai Wirth & Blanton, C. crepuscularis Malloch, C. debilipalpis Lutz, C. diabolicus Hoffman, C. foxi Ortiz, C furens (Poey), C. gabaldani Ortiz, C. heliconiae Fox & Hoffman, C. hoffmani Fox, C imitator Ortiz, C. insignis Lutz, C. jamaicensis Edwards, C. leopoldoi Ortiz, C. limai Barretto, C. paraensis (Goeldi), C. pifanoi Ortiz, C. pusilloides Wirth & Blanton, C. pusillus Lutz and the new species, C. mckeeveri. This is the southernmost collection site of C. crepuscularis.

Weekly collections of Culicoides spp. were made from four collection sites in Bulloch County, Georgia, over the 12- month period (June 1995-May 1996). Collections were made using CDC miniature light traps baited with l-octen-3-oL The 17 species identified from Bulloch County were: C. alachua Jamnback & Wirth, C. arboricola Root & Hoffman, C. bickleyi Wirth & Hubert, C. biguttatus (Coquillett), C. crepuscularis Malloch, C. debilipalpis, C. furens, C. haematopotus Malloch, C. hinmani Khalaf, C. juddi Cochrane, C. mulrennani Beck, C. nanus Root & Hoffman, C. paraensis, C. snowi Wirth & Jones, C. spinosus Root & Hoffman, C. stellifer (Coquillett), and C. venustus Hoffman. This is the first record of C. alachua and C. juddi in the state of Georgia. Seasonal abundance and larval habitat of Bulloch County species were noted. Trombidiid and raermithid parasitized adults were also noted.


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