Term of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Biology

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Committee Chair

James H. Oliver, Jr.

Committee Member 1

Bill Lovejoy

Committee Member 2

Sara N. Bennett


Effects of precocene 2 (P2) upon twice-fed adult female mites were explored. One mg of P2 administered immediately following the second blood meal was found to have the greatest ovipositional effect, resulting in an approximate 59% decrease in egg production and a significant increase in the number of unhatched eggs. Oviposition of female offspring of P2 treated adults was also affected, producing subnormal numbers of eggs. P2 treated females allowed 2 additional blood meals, and P2 treated females which subsequently received juvenile hormone (JH) were able to partially recover egg production, but remained ovipositionally subnormal in comparison to untreated and acetone-treated controls.

Histological sections of P2 treated females revealed the 4 stages of oocyte development usually encountered in normal Dermanyssus gallinae females. Nevertheless, a definitive statement on the histological development of the reproductive system could not be made.

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