Term of Award

Spring 1980

Degree Name

Master of Technology

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Committee Chair

Keith F. Hickman

Committee Member 1


Committee Member 2

P. Douglas Fowler


Cooperative Education is a method of higher education that combines academic work with practical on-the-job experience. The goal is to prepare students for career opportunities through a balance of theory and related employment with a business or industry. "Thus, the student is provided a unique experience. . . Work that will be profitable to both the student and employer; and experience that will enhance the student's knowledge, personal development and professional preparation" (3, p. 2).

A need has been established to initiate a Cooperative Education Program for the Division of Technology at Georgia Southern College. This study was devoted to the design and structure of such a program. The program will conform to the policies of the Board of Regents and Georgia Southern College.


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