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Increases in the number of abortions and high repeatabortion rates has caused concern among health care providers. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a correlation between the scores on Rotter's Locus of Control Scale of women obtaining an abortion for the first time versus women repeating the procedure. The sample for this study consisted of 84 women who went to a private abortion clinic in a southeastern city. Rotter's (1966) Locus of Control Test with an additional questionnaire was utilized to obtain demographic data and the responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Significant relationships were seen between repeat aborters, income and religious preference. However, when adjusted for income, repeat abortion was no longer significant. The findings of this study indicate that only income and religious preference were found to be significantly related (p£ 0.05) to Locus of Control Score. Findings from this study suggest further research needs to be conducted on women who have multiple abortions. Additional attention should be given to women with no prior contraceptive use particularly those women repeating the procedure .


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