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Summer 2022

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Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies (Ed.D.)

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Boggs Academy was a private, Presbyterian boarding school for Blacks that operated from 1906 until 1984 in rural Georgia. The institution, recognized for academic excellence, marked by resilience, and beloved by alumni, existed because of the racism that has plagued this nation since its inception. The stated purpose of this research is four-fold: to record/compile a history of Boggs Academy, to carry on the work Mr. Charles W. Francis began in his Master’s thesis on Boggs Academy, to demonstrate the value of togetherness in qualitative research, and to cast a vision for the future of education built upon the institution’s historical past. This five-year postcritcal ethnography resulted in a detailed history of Boggs Academy, a collection of memories and reflections of alumni and faculty, an examination of Boggs through the lens of Black educational scholarship, and a reconsideration of critical distance in qualitative research. Through a hauntological lens, I examine the phantoms and ghosts which birthed, maintained, and plagued the school and the American south. Together, the Boggs Academy alumni and I, weave a story of the past, our lives, and the meaning of family.

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