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Spring 2021

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Doctor of Education in Education Administration (Ed.D.)

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Carl Sorgen

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Paul Brinson

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Meca Williams-Johnson


The issue of the study is that the participants described completing leadership preparation programs, but not being confident in their abilities to effectively address parent and family engagement in their schools. The participants asserted that curriculum on parent and family engagement in leadership preparation programs is extremely important. Yet, all of the participants conveyed that there was no coursework in their program that was specifically geared towards parent and family engagement. The purpose of this qualitative study was to determine how leadership preparation programs for elementary school principals taught promoting parent and family engagement in their curriculum. The researcher interviewed eight elementary school administrators, by asking five demographic questions, and ten structured, open-ended questions. Upon the completion of the transcriptions of the interviews, the researcher composed a preliminary coding list for the transcripts, patterns materialized from the list, and themes were formed from these patterns. The study identifies the following three themes as weaknesses that should be honed in, in leadership preparation programs, as communication, teamwork or partnership, and cultural competence. In addition to the themes that should be added to the curriculum, case studies of current administrators, should be included to the curriculum as well, so students can hear real world experiences.

INDEX WORDS: Leadership preparation programs, Elementary school principals, Promote parent and family engagement, Four themes, Program weaknesses

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