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Spring 2018

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Master of Science in Applied Engineering (M.S.A.E.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Molina Gustavo

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Valentin Soloiu

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Rahman Mosfequr


The use of biodiesels has been growing as they can replace traditional fossil fuel while being produced from different feedstock and being a renewable source of energy. But the chemical composition of biodiesel is substantially different than that of the mineral biodiesel they replace, and each feedstock biodiesel has a different breakdown of components (mainly Methyl Esters from esterification of the fatty acids of the oil feedstock).Use of biodiesels in internal combustion engines leads to oil dilution because unburned biodiesel is being scrapped to the engine oil pan, and its lower volatility and early aging (as compared to those of mineral diesel fuel) can enhance degradation of oil lubricity. This research is presented on the wear and friction effects when Methyl Esters typical in the breakdown of biodiesels are mixed with SAE 15W40 mineral oil typically used in diesel engines: Tribometer studies are carried out for mixtures of known percentages of such Methyl Esters in mineral engine oil. Experimental results show that the employed methodologies and instruments used are suitable to study the research problem and those of evaluating how the breakdown of biodiesel may explain the tribological behavior of their mixtures with oil. The specific results also suggest that Methyl Oleate and Methyl Laurate lead to the lowest wear of all the typical biodiesel Methyl Ester components. Also, the higher fraction of Methyl Oleate and a lower fraction of Methyl Linoleate in Peanut oil biodiesel plays a role in providing good lubricity performance in Peanut oil biodiesel as compared to Soybean oil biodiesel.

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