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Fall 2017

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Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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Department of Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading

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John A. Weaver

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Daniel Chapman

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Ming Fang He

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Janisse Ray

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In this dissertation I explore the complex, often contested, relationships between humankind and nature. I consider the changing state of these relationships as they are influenced by factors rooted in science, technology, and economics. I also examine these relationships as they relate to human activities with agriculture. Considering the present state of environmental crisis and the abundance of evidence indicating the deleterious activities of humankind as primary causes for the many global calamities, I argue for revising industrially-driven ideologies; particularly those driven by the economic paradigm of capitalism and self-interest. Additionally, I submit that a return to kinship with nature will be most effective with educational strategies that break from the routines and curricular focus ingrained within mainstream public schooling institutions today.

Cultivating an ecological worldview through ecological literacy is proposed. This, I believe, can form the foundation for effective, sustained, and meaningful change towards (re)connecting to nature and healing by reversing environmentally-degrading industrial practices.

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