Term of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Name

ED.S in Instructional Technology

Document Type and Release Option

Education Specialist Paper (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

Education Specialist Chair

Randy Carlson

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This study sought to determine what relationship, if any exists between a teacher’s years of experience and frequency of technology use. The data collected also explored what relationship exists between a teacher’s technology frequency and technology instruction provided through the teacher preparation program while in college and technology instruction through professional development. Data was collected from 34 secondary English Teachers through an online questionnaire. Findings showed a correlation between the technology frequency with specific tools and technology frequency with student assigned uses. A correlation was also found between years of teaching experience, technology instruction through teacher preparation programs, and technology instruction in professional development. A negative relationship existed between years of teaching experience and the teacher preparation program. Also, a positive relationship existed between years of teaching experience professional development. Multiple regression results showed no significant relationship between the technology frequency with tools and student use and years of teaching experience, teacher preparation programs, and professional development. Other factors may impact a teacher’s technology frequency, like self-efficacy towards technology, length of time at current school, administrator support, and future research should give attention to these other factors.